The most imaginative places to hide Elf On The Shelf by some VERY creative parents

From elves hidden in cereal boxes to one riding on the back of the family dog, these are seriously genius.

The toy is meant to be sent by Father Christmas to keep a close eye on children over the festive period and to make sure they're not being naughty.

The idea is for parents to move the elf around the house to reinforce the idea that the toy is always reporting back to Santa.

But with over three weeks until Christmas, thinking of new hiding spots for your elf can often be tricky.

So when we saw these imaginative ideas, we were impressed.


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One parent chose to position their elf on the toilet seat, with some "elf droppings" (aka blueberries) in the toilet, too.

Another created a makeshift hammock on the towel rail, while one perched their elf on the Christmas tree.

And it seems the little helper in question had caused mayhem, after spiralling toilet roll around the branches.

One elf was found "just chillin" in the freezer while another was mischievously hanging on a light fitting.

Another cheeky helper was seen riding on the back of the family puppy while a PAIR of elves were found hiding in a cereal container in one home.

Another naughty elf had found his way into the microwave – where he seemed to be snacking on popcorn, while another was seen climbing the walls in one house.

Which idea is your favourite?

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