Sexpert warns about the ‘disturbing’ online dating trend women need to watch out for

WITH coronavirus putting an end to spontaneous nights out, chances to meet The One through friends and even office romances, dating apps are more important than ever.

For many singletons, they're the only option if you want to date in 2020.

But one sexpert has warned of the "disturbing" online dating trend women need to watch out for – and it's a common issue.

Writing for, Nadia Bokody, from Sydney, said bleak options on apps like Tinder force women to "drop the bar until it’s so low, you couldn’t even limbo under it after a hot yoga class."

But it's not just a boring night with a bloke you don't fancy women need to worry about.

Nadia said: "Here's the problem: it can also open the floodgates for unfettered misogyny, sexual harassment, and deeply questionable behaviour.

"A paper published by Pew Research highlights this – it confirmed something women in internet dating spaces already knew: around half of us have received unsolicited sexually explicit messages from men.

"More worryingly, younger women were shown to be the most likely targets of threats of violence online. The same paper found 19 per cent of women aged 18 to 34 on dating apps have been threatened with physical harm."

Nadia says a toxic combination of men feeling pressured to pursue sex to impress their mates, the "no means yes" message sewn into porn and a lack of education about healthy relationships has caused this worrying trend.

She added: "It might seem a stretch to link the widespread sexual harassment and casual misogyny on dating platforms to violence against women, but it actually makes perfect sense.

"Because when we teach boys sex is a right, and to define their masculinity by how vigorously they pursue it, what we’re really doing, is telling them girls don’t matter. And that’s a scary precedent to set."

Nadia previously admitted: "I’m horny but don’t want to sleep with my man – a relationship’s the death knell for sex".

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