‘Selfish’ bride insists her grandad’s wedding dress fund of £3k isn’t enough – and gets absolutely savaged

A BRIDEZILLA has been criticised for saying her grandad’s wedding dress fund of £3,000 as not being enough money. 

The woman came under fire when she asked Reddit users if it was “slimy” to ask her doting grandad to increase his budget so she could buy the two dresses she was “obsessed” with. 

She explained how she wanted one dress for the ceremony that cost £2,833, and a second dress for the reception which had a price tag of £1,715. 

However, her expensive taste meant that her grandad’s generous gift of £3,000 would not cover both of the luxury dresses. 

The bride asked internet users whether she would be wrong to request her grandad to cough up the extra money, and said it made her feel “slimy” to ask. 

She said she was torn between buying the dress she’d been “obsessed with for 6 months”, or looking for something cheaper. 

Unsurprisingly, many internet users were not supportive of her demands and said she should not ask for extra money. 

One wrote: “I love that she needed someone to tell her than option is just… paying for it herself.”

Another added: “Can I say that I don't really understand getting separate dresses when they're really expensive?”

And one said: “Buying two dresses for your wedding is dumb, sorry bout it.”

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