Prince Harry has THIS secret nickname for when he is on nights out

You'd think so, but apparently Prince Harry used to go by the name of "Rob" at some social occasions.

Triple Baroness Jessica Heydel – who stars in new MTV reality show The Royal World – has revealed that she was once introduced to Prince Harry on a night out.

However, the royal's pal reportedly didn't refer to the Duke of Sussex as Harry, he apparently called him Rob instead.

"I met Prince Harry once on a night out, probably four or five years ago," Jessica told the Daily Mail.

"His friend introduced him as 'Rob'."

"I sat there and I thought, 'That is Prince Harry, everyone knows that is Prince Harry'," Jessica continued.

"I had all these things going around my head, so it didn’t turn into a friendship.

"My mum told me I could’ve been the Duchess of Sussex – she’s still angry!"

Jessica stars in the new reality show alongside other royals and aristocrats, including Count Michael ‘Misha’ Zadie Campbell and Count Dimitri ‘Dima’ Ziadie Campbell; the adopted sons of Lady Colin Campbell.

Meghan Markle's nephew, Tyler Dooley, is also appearing in the explosive show and is said to lift the lid on his famous aunt and "offer a different side of the story".

The Royal World airs on Wednesday November 7 at 10pm on MTV.

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