People praise this bride’s stunning white lace dress… until they realise it’s actually her MOTHER

WITH its romantic sleeves and lace bodice, this stunning white gown would be the dream wedding dress for many a bride.

But it wasn't the newlywed sporting this frock on her big day, but actually her mum – causing confusion when people thought SHE was the one getting married.

The bride’s mum made the ultimate faux pas of not just wearing white to her daughter’s wedding, but a full-on bridal gown. 

A horrified acquaintance thought the older woman was the bride, and branded the outfit choice ‘tacky’ as she shared snaps to Reddit. 

They explained: “Really thought she was getting married too at first, but nope just the bride’s mom.

“I don’t know the bride or her family just through social media, and common friends. 

“But when I saw the pictures I was so confused and then just felt bad for the bride.”

Dozens of people have commented on the snaps, claiming the mum could easily have been the one walking down the aisle. 

One person wrote: “Woooow that is literally is a wedding dress.”

Another commented: “I mean she most probably went to a bridal shop to buy it, right?”

A third revealed: “This literally looks like my wedding dress with slightly longer sleeves. YIKES.”

Someone else wrote: “This could have been an okay dress for the MOB if it were ANY other colour.” 

And this person asked: “Please tell me the lady on the left is the bride!”

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