People are showing their best ‘secret rooms' – from games nooks hidden behind bookshelves to entire POOLS

PEOPLE have been sharing the “secret rooms” hidden in their homes and they are absolutely incredible. 

From games nooks concealed behind bookshelves, to a slide behind a kitchen cabinet and even a mystery pool, these out-of-sight rooms are sure to impress any guests. 

In order to show off the secret spaces in their full glory, people have been making videos of them on TikTok. 

While some are hidden behind mini doors in closets, others are revealed when you pull a book on a bookcase or move a cabinet. 

All of them look like the perfect hiding spaces if you want to escape the world for a while. 

Here, Fabulous rounds up some of the best secret rooms we want in our homes….

Secluded slide

Ever wanted your own slide in your home? 

One person’s pad has gone a step further and got a slide room hidden behind a kitchen cupboard. 

TikTok user @mikemartinez_ demonstrated moving the huge white cabinet to reveal the room behind, which includes the slide that leads to another level in the house. 

Talk about a speedy getaway!

Game on

If you’ve ever wanted to escape the world for a few hours and play your video games in peace, you may be impressed by @Jessicaedwards1750’s hidden room. 

You can find the quiet spot if you pull the right book on her bookcase. 

This pulls the rack forwards to show a concealed TV and chair – perfect for gaming.

Mirror mirror

One person has the perfect solution to people using her make-up and beauty bits. 

She has a mirror in her bedroom, which pulls forwards to reveal an entire new room. 

TikTok user @ramirez_marin94's room has amazed internet users, and racked up nearly 2million views.

Fancy a dip?

If you truly want to impress your house guests, a secret pool will certainly do the job. 

TikToker @familyfunpack showed how you may not expect their pad to have a swimming area, but there is a thin spot alongside the side of the home. 

That’s one way to make good use of the space!

In the closet

You may think that this TikTok user @samoathesamoan’s closet is just for clothes, but it is actually the most exciting room in the house. 

If you go through a tiny little door it leads to a raised snug area to watch movies with friends. 

The room includes a TV and soft rug – and we are very jealous of the set-up.

Ultimate hangout

Want a nook to escape to with your pals? 

TikTok user @maceyh_123_ showed how simply pulling the right book leads to a hidden staircase that goes down to a cosy hangout with chairs. 

Fairylights line the steps going down to the space, and they have certainly made it homely with pictures on the wall. 

We wish we had this room when growing up. 

Meanwhile, a homeowner finds room hidden behind a wall five YEARS after moving in and it’s ‘like a nightmare’.

And these secret storage spaces will seriously blow your mind.

Plus the Queen has many "secret rooms" in Buckingham Palace including an indoor pool and a cinema.

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