People are making bespoke bouquets out of chicken nuggets and donuts instead of flowers for Valentine’s Day

FORGET receiving flowers this Valentine’s Day, this year it’s all about receiving bouquets made from NUGGETS. 

Sorry guys, but a bunch of roses will no longer cut it, as the edible chicken bouquets are quickly becoming a hot trend online. 

People have been sharing their own versions of their incredible nugget bouquets on Instagram, and they look mouth-wateringly perfect. 

The yummy arrangement can be made by adding tasty nuggets onto cocktail sticks and making them into a bouquet design. 

While some are purely nuggets, others have flowers added in there too for a splash of colour. 

Other people have gone to the next level and added chips or chocolates for the ultimate “I love you” gesture. 

One lucky bouquet recipient said: “Why do people gift roses? Are roses even edible?"

Another person added: “Find someone who looks at you like how I look at my chicken nugget bouquet."

And one wrote: “He's the one, yall! Haha, this man sure knows the way to my heart!"

Another edible option is to order a pre-made Donut bouquet, with £34.99 options available for delivery.

ASDA is bringing back its £15 Valentine’s Day meal deal if you have plans to stay in this year.

And this Valentine’s Day you can stay in a Romeo and Juliet-inspired house in fair Verona for free.

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