Online Ceramics' Latest Capsule Is a Tribute to Late Afrobeat Legend Fela Kuti

Online Ceramics‘ latest capsule is a tribute to late afrobeat legend Fela Kuti. Featuring a concise spread of hoodies, long-sleeves, T-shirts, tote bags and vinyl records, emblazoned with vibrant graphics of the artist.

Leading the capsule is a tie-dyed long-sleeve that boasts a vintage-like print of Kuti. The words “Music Is the Weapon” is wrapped around a black and white portrait of the singer, referencing the title of a 1988 documentary of the same name that captures Kuti at his peak. “Fela Kuti” is placed next to the artist’s portrait, popping out from the vivid patterns of the shirt’s purple tie-dye — the same print appears over a white T-shirt.

Another highlight is a T-shirt that comes with green tie-dye and another monochromatic portrait of Kuti. The words “The Black President” and “Chief Priest, which were both his nicknames, are set on the sides of the print, while the phrase “puff, puff, pass” is placed below. Other pieces like a black tote bag, nodding to names of some of his most recognized hits, a water bottle decorated with the colors of the Nigerian flag and various Fela Kuti vinyls round off the concise capsule.

Online Ceramics’ Fela Kuti capsule is currently available on Online Ceramics’ website, ranging from $22 – $150 USD.

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