My Style Secret Is Simple — Find Your Fave Pieces, and Wear the Hell Out of Them

I struggle with fashion. I follow trends sometimes, but in general, I just buy things I like and wear what I feel good in. This means my wardrobe is an odd smattering of things: graphic tees from concerts, dresses my mom made for me, and random patterned pants that I got on clearance, among other things. And for this reason, I can never really classify my style if someone asks me. It’s a little quirky, a little classic, a little basic, but very me. And when someone asks me what my biggest style secret is, it’s simple: find the pieces you love, and wear the hell out of them.

I love to shop and love to have new things. My closet is forever filling up and emptying out as I change my wardrobe, but there are always a few staple pieces that stick around through every purge. Though it’s always smart to have basic staples you can rely on for multiple outfits, my tried-and-true pieces tend to be the more outlandish things I own. The aforementioned patterned pants that I got on clearance (in that photo above) are not something I would have worn years ago, before I stopped caring what anyone else thought about my fashion.

Back in junior high and high school when I started to care deeply about being popular, I demanded my parents let me shop at name-brand stores, so I could be cool. I cared very little about what the clothes actually were and more about what they meant for my status. I was undoubtedly preppy, and that’s exactly how I wanted it. If anyone ever said something negative about something I wore, I immediately got rid of it. Sustainability was not something on my mind as a teenager, unfortunately.

When I started seriously dating, I catered my outfits toward what I thought guys would appreciate most. During my most serious relationship, I wore almost exclusively items that my boyfriend liked rather than what I would normally pick out for myself. It wasn’t until that relationship ended that I decided my fashion is for me, and I’m going to find the clothes I truly love and wear them confidently.

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