Mums show what they feed their kids for breakfast including biscuits and crisps & 'say there's nothing wrong with it'

IN AN ideal world our fussy kids would eat everything we gave them, including healthy and nutritious food for every meal.

But one mum has shared the reality or her morning breakfast menu, including pancakes and biscuits – and insists it makes them happy.

Posting in a budget-cooking Facebook group, the mum shared a snap showing what she'd made her kids for breakfast.

While there was a small plate of fruit on the menu, the Saturday morning meal also included a plate of assorted biccies and a large pancake each.

Defending the meal, the mum wrote: "My childrens breakfast this morning. They are happy , no Karen's please it's Saturday."

But the post was refreshing for many mums who began sharing their own less-than-ideal breakfast meals, with may revealing crisps, chocolate cake and even PIZZA was the go-to option.

"Well my son had micro chips so who cares lol. Food is food," one mum admitted.

And another shared: "My kids had a trifle, Double Decker & pack of crisps each."

Amused, a third admitted: "We had chocolate fudge cake yesterday morning!"

While another admitted her son had leftover Dominos pizza.

Many parents didn't see the issue in feeding kids what they want, even if it'swhat some might consider inappropriate breakfast foods.

"My kids eat breakfast like this all the time as long as They eaten something is the main thing," one person wrote.

And another shared: "I let my kids always choose what they wanted to eat from what was available. It always balanced out ..if they wanted cake for breakfast I let them.

"What's the different between then and morning tea? They always ended up asking for 'proper' food n neither has any food/ eating issues."

Many even said they thought the meal of biccies, fruit and pancakes was a "balanced brekkie" and was was perfectly ok.

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