Mum who 'couldn't be bothered' to pack 2019 Christmas tree away hid it in spare room all year & she's not alone

CONSIDERING how we put up our Christmas tree in November this year, there really is nothing more than depressing than the prospect of having to take it down in January.

But the end of the festive season is something we simply have to come to terms with… or do we?

Because mums who couldn't be bothered to pack up their Christmas decorations in 2019 have revealed how they hid them away all year – and we can't believe we never thought to do this before.

Posting on the Facebook group Budgeting, Food, Savings Ideas, Stockpiling, Life Help Australia, the woman wrote: "Last year I could not find the energy to pack away the Christmas tree, so I picked the whole thing up and put it in the spare room and closed the door.

"This year, I picked up the Christmas tree from the spare room and put it in its usual Christmassy spot. I don't know if this is life help or makes me look lazy – but easiest Christmas decorating ever!"

And it turns out, she's not the only one who does this – and the post prompted other members of the group to share their own year-long Christmas trees.

One replied: "My sister for the last few years has just glad wrapped the whole tree, including decorations, then pulls it out and unwraps it and viola – totally decorated tree ready to go."

Sharing a photo of their own tree, another wrote: "I did the same thing but put my tree in the garage. I just unwrapped it today and 'hey presto it's Christmas!'"

"For five years ours has lived in our third shower that we didn't use. It still had lights, tinsel and decorations," a third said. "We just sold it and got a pop-up tree to save time."

Meanwhile, another shared a photo of the upside-down Christmas tree he'd stuck to his CEILING to avoid the cat destroying it.

He wrote: "We have cats that think they need to 'kill' the decorations, so… it has been up all year."

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