Mum-to-be in stitches as she mistakes Tesco owl-print baby grow for something VERY rude

Emma Tetlow, 33, from Halifax, was shopping for her expectant daughter’s first outfit in Tesco when she came across a range of children’s wear and had to do a serious double take.

One baby grow in particular had caught her eye – as she couldn’t help but see boobs printed all over the fabric.

She quickly snapped some photos to send to her mum, and replaced the item on the shelf in disbelief.

Emma then realised that the design was actually pictures of owls – which looked like boobs when upside down.

The expectant mum, who is currently unemployed, explained: “I’ve been looking for clothes for my daughter for months now, so when I was doing my food shop I decided to take a look.

“As soon as I saw the baby grow I thought there were boobs just printed all over it, but it was just the owls upside down.

“I was shocked at first – especially that I was the only person to see it considering how clear they seemed to me!

“I was on the phone to my mum at the time and immediately burst out laughing, but she didn’t believe me so I had to send her photos.”

Since seeing the “disturbing” baby grow, Emma hasn’t been able to un-see the dirty pattern she thought she saw.

“I couldn’t buy the items of clothing sole for the fact I couldn’t un-see the image of a woman with her boobs out!” she giggled.

“I wasn’t offended by it at all, I just found them funny, but maybe a little naively thought-out.

“Those that know me and my sense of humour could see exactly what I saw, and they all found it funny too.

“It’s all just a bit of fun, and definitely something that lightened up my day when I saw it!”

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