Mum shows off immaculately-organised kitchen with rows of perfectly-labelled jars, but some think she’s gone too far

AN AUSSIE mum has taken the term pantry goals to a whole new level after showing off her incredibly polished kitchen and immaculate pantry.

The open shelving, which is completely on show in the modern space,features rows upon rows of perfectly-labelled jars and containers, as well as chic wire baskets to store sauces, oils and other cooking items.

See-through storage line the shelves and are arranged in categories, such as sugar, flour, herbs and spices – all taken out of original packaging for a more streamlined look.

The Aussie mum shared her perfect kitchen in the Mums Who Organise Facebook group, and despite already looking immaculate, she revealed she hasn't quite finished the job just yet.

The stunning space left many seriously impressed with hundreds of peoplecomplimenting her on her efforts.

Though some were concerned how she keeps track of the food expiry dates, given she's taken everything out of its packaging.

"It looks beautiful but can I ask you, how do you keep track of 'use by' or 'best by' dates if you take everything out of its original packaging?" one person asked.

And another agreed: "Wow, always wonder how do you keep track what is expired? I have less than half of it and struggle to keep up to date with it."

But seems the organised mum had a solution for that too and replied: "You can purchase little stickers to put on the back of the containers and you write with a white board marker.

"But with a growing family my pantry goods are not in there long enough to expire."

That didn't seem to be an issue for most though, with plenty of praise being thrown around.

"Pantry goals!! My kitchen cabinets come next week and this is how I want mine to look, " one person said, and added: "Thanks for the inspo!"

"Wow, that is all I can say, wow," another said, and a third added: "It's amazing!! I want your pantry!"

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