Mum shares smart balloon hack to fill her paddling pool with warm water and other parents are LOVING it – The Sun

WITH the weather hitting 34C in parts of the UK today, many Brits will be looking for a way to fill their paddling pools up.

There's an essential piece of kit many people forget to check for before filling up the paddling pool – a tap adaptor.

Ever blown up the paddling pool just to discover there's no tap adaptor? You'll be thrilled to hear about a clever hack shared by a mum on social media.

The savvy mum took to Facebook group Crafts 'n' Creations to share her smart hack, which she claims 'works every time'.

She advised cutting the bulbous end of a balloon off to leave a tube shape. Then stretch the tube around the tap and turn the tap on.

For best results, the woman recommends making sure the tap and hose face in the same direction.

The balloon creates a seal around the tap, allowing water to run through your hosepipe without a tap adaptor or fiddling around with tape.

If your paddling pool is large or you have kids too young to brace the cold, you'll know the importance of adding some warm water into the mix.


Parents have been liking and sharing the top tip, which is bound to make life easier for many households this summer.


Brits have been making the most of their paddling pools due to the sunny weather this week, with temperatures reaching a sizzling 34C.

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