Mum reveals why you should always clean your car seats after sharing the disgusting brown liquid that came out of them

A MUM has revealed the shocking amount of dirt that came out of her car seats, and urges others to give them a clean.

Taking to the Facebook group Mums Who Clean, the Australian mum shared footage of the filthy black liquid produced after she used a Bissell spot cleaner on the seats and floor.

Captioning her snap, she wrote: “I did it. Cleaned the seats and floor of my car and this was the result.”

In the clip the mum can be seen tipping the murky brown liquid into the sink after just one use in her car.

According to a survey by Cazoo of 2,000 Brit motorists, owners only fully clean their car on average once every 11 weeks.

Worse still, almost one in five say they only ever clean their car if someone else is getting into it.

And 20 per cent of all drivers say they won't bother to mop up a drink if they spill it in their car.

There's a few extremely easy things you can do to get the grime out of your car more easily.

Always start washing your car on the roof – let gravity do some of the work for you by allowing the suds to roll down the outside while you clean elsewhere.

It's also much more efficient to start cleaning the roof of the inside of your car first so any disturbed dust and dirt that falls in the cleaning process can be vacced up later.

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