Mum in hysterics after going to buy £8 ring holder from Next but fears it will 'look like a butt plug' next to her bed

ALONG with a book, phone charger, tube of handcream and an alarm clock, most women we know also have somewhere they can keep their rings on their bedside table.

That said, one woman recently decided to buy a pretty ring holder from Next – only to realise it could be misconstrued as something VERY different.

Sharing a picture of the pretty design on the Facebook group Hinch Army House Decorating Inspiration and Tips, the mum wrote: "I really want this.

"But I'm worried it will look like I've got a butt plug on my bedside table."

The cone-shaped ring holder has a bedazzled base and plain silver top which makes it easy to store your rings.

And once the woman noticed how much it looks like a sex toy, she couldn't unsee it.

Unsurprisingly, the hilarious post has now racked up over 900 "likes" and 200 comments from other users who agreed that the woman was right not to buy it.

One replied: "It would be the prettiest butt plug known to mankind!"

Another joked: "I did actually think that was a butt plug to be honest and had to scroll back up to double check!"

"It's a posh one though," another added. "I'd be impressed."

However, one mortified user wrote: "Oi I’ve got this for my rings! It’s on my makeup table though…"

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