Men with beards 'make better long-term boyfriends'

And we find them more attractive too, apparently.

The study – called The Masculinity Paradox – was conducted by the University of Queensland.

Researchers presented over 8,000 women with a selection of male faces, with a varying amount of facial hair – from clean-shaven, or a little stubble – to full-on Father Christmas.

The women were then asked to rank the men, revealing which they found most attractive in terms of short-term fling and long-term relationship.

The study found that women prefer light and heavy stubble when it comes to a short-term fling, but full beards for long-term relationships.


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"Preferences for light and heavy stubble were higher when rated for short-term than full beards and clean-shaven faces," the findings read.

"Full beards and faces with stubble received higher ratings than clean-shaven faces for long-term than short-term relationships.

"Heavy stubble received the highest ratings for general attractiveness followed by full beards and light stubble, which were rated almost evenly, with clean-shaven faces being rated least attractive."

Which do you prefer?

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