Melania Trump has ditched £500,000 diamond wedding ring from Donald for this reason

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Melania Trump is the US First Lady and the wife of Donald Trump, 74. The couple tied the knot at Donald’s Mar-A-Lago estate on January 22, 2005.

The wedding came just a few months after the couple announced their engagement.

Donald proposed to Melania with a diamond ring that cost an estimated £2.3million.

The ring had a 15-carat D Flawless emerald cut diamond and was from the designer Graff.

Ten years later, the ring was reportedly upgraded as an anniversary present from Donald to Melania.

The item was replaced with a 25-carat diamond and is said to be worth as much as £2.7million.

Melania will usually wear the glitzy jewel when she is seen out in her First Lady role.

As well as an engagement ring, many couples choose to exchange wedding bands when they marry.

However, the mother-of-one will rarely wear the expensive wedding band she was given.

The jewel was designed to match her engagement ring and has an eye-watering price tag, Gary Ingram, the CEO of, revealed.

Analysing the ring for, he said: “I am confident that there are 25 stones in the band, each is one-carat emerald D Flawless which would match her engagement ring.

“The retail value would therefore be close to £500,000.”

Although the ring complements her engagement diamond, Melania will mostly leave it at home.

Why doesn’t she wear her wedding band?

The former model may have ditched the luxury ring for a number of reasons, the expert explained.

Gary suggested it could be a matter of personal style or she may not want to flaunt the pricey item.

He continued: “There are three reasons why she may not wear the ring in public.

“Firstly, if it doesn’t sit comfortably next to her statement engagement ring.

“It is also a substantial ring that is worth a fortune, so it could alienate voters who feel she is flaunting her wealth.

“Or, Melania may not want her rings to be a focal point in the press, so she doesn’t wear it in public.”

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