Meghan Markle and Prince Harry told Ashley Banjo he could ‘lean on us’ in hour-long phone call over BGT row

MEGHAN Markle and Prince Harry told Diversity's Ashley Banjo he could "lean on us" during an hour-long phone amid the Britain's Got Talent BLM row.

In September, Diversity's BLM-inspired routine became the second-most complained about television moment of the decade – after over 23,000 viewers wrote in to Ofcom.

The routine began with a voiceover of a father explaining the state of the world to his son and included a scene depicting the murder of George Floyd.

Appearing on Lorraine this morning, the 32-year-old Britain's Got Talent judge said he was "grateful" for the Duke and Duchess for their support.

He said: "Harry and Meghan gave me a call. I was sat outside in my garden and Harry and Meghan gave me a call and we had a chat for about an hour.

"We spoke things through and they just told me that they were there for me and I can always lean on them."

What's more, Ashley said the couple shared their experience and "knowledge" with him during the supportive chat.

He continued: "They opened my eyes to a lot of things I wasn't aware of actually,  so I was really grateful to both of them."

When asked about the 23,000 complaints, the star said he was "proud" of the conversation the performance has started.

Despite the complaints, Ofcom backed the BLM-inspired routine and said: "Diversity’s performance referred to challenging and potentially controversial subjects, and in our view, its central message was a call for social cohesion and unity."

"It become a really important moment for race relations in this country and something that I think hopefully something people will remember," Ashley said. "I'm really proud of it and proud of those complaints. It needs people on both sides of this argument to talk."

In a virtual interview with the Evening Standard last month, Prince Harry revealed that him and Meghan had called Ashley's during the BGT controversy.

He said: "We had such a good chat with Ashley. He was really strong, he felt great about it, but at the same time he was concerned because of the reaction. It was a real surprise that there was what?

"1,100 complaints after the show and then three days of hype it became 20 or 25,000. I am very glad Ofcom made the decision that they did but that in itself kind of proves how much this conversation needs to continue."

In June, Meghan Markle said "George Floyd's life mattered" in an emotional message against racism.

Addressing the graduating class of her former high school, Meghan said: "I wasn’t sure what I could say to you. I wanted to say the right thing and I was really nervous that it would get picked apart.

“And I realised the only wrong thing to say is to say nothing.”

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