Madonna’s latest crazy habit involves drinking wine from a SPOON… but we can't work out why

And now it seems she's onto another eccentric fad – after posting a video on Instagram revealing she drinks wine with a spoon.

Posting the video on social media, 60-year-old Madonna captioned the post: "Soup du Jour… #midnightsnack".

The star, who was draped in gold jewellery and wore her hair in plaits as she "snacked" on the boozy beverage.

Many followers were quick to comment on the odd post.

One wrote: "You truly lost the plot now..sipping wine from the spoon [sic]."

Another user – who seemed to take the post seriously – asked: "Is that champagne rose?

"Sounds good hot or cold.

"Recently, my soup du jour has been a kale, cabbage, celery soup with tomato and rice and a whole lot of herbs and spices.

"You don't need extra spice though Madonna. It'll mix with all of the spice inside of you. Hope you enjoyed the soup."

And while we (and several fans) have been trying to work out why Madonna might opt to drink her wine with a spoon, one user suggested a pretty feasible reason.

"At least that method won’t stain your teeth," they wrote.

Over the years, Madonna is said to have tried a number of bizarre eating habits – including an "Air Diet" of only boiled water and salt.

The bonkers routine involves the usual preparation of food – but instead of eating the meal, followers of the diet simply "breathe in" the aromas instead.

It's similar to breatharianism – which involves surviving on absolutely nothing.

The Material Girl singer has also been known to have a macrobiotic diet, cutting out wheat, eggs, meats, and dairy.

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