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Lilia Litkovskaya reflected on the lingering uncertainty of the present, by turning to nature and her own past.

For spring 2021 she looked to create a “bridge between the past and the future,” with “Artisanal,” a demi-couture collection made using fabric scraps found in her studio or upcycled pieces from past collections.

The collection showcased the impressive capacity of the artisans the label works with in its home of Ukraine, who dissolved old fabrics into threads and wove them back into brand new textiles using 80-year-old wooden looms and century-old techniques: A jacket, made from more than 50 shirts, that were torn apart and sewn back together again, took more than 37 hours of handiwork.

Litkovskaya RTW Spring 2021

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The designer sprinkled many such textured jackets into the range, each with its own combination of colors and patterns. While the fabrics referenced traditional Ukrainian “kilimok” or carpets, the jackets’ oversize silhouettes and cool, mannish aesthetic brought them back to the modern day.

Another standout was a midi white dress with a voluminous upper body — a sign of a clean slate for the future.

“These pieces were created in harmony with nature, from remnants, from somebody’s experience. This is how rebirth happens,” Litkosvskaya said from her studio in Ukraine. “We want to change people’s attitude to clothing, to exchange and respectfully treat what seems to be given to us.”

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