Keira Knightley just made this shocking Love Actually confession… and fans are heartbroken

But one person who hasn't watched it as much as you might think is Keira Knightley, who has shocked fans by revealing the actual number of times she's seen the cult film.

Speaking to Wired, Keira made a mind-boggling confession about her character, Juliet.

And while we can practically narrate the scene in which Juliet answers the door to her hubby's best mate Mark (played by Andrew Lincoln), Keira doesn't remember it quite so clearly.

When Keira is asked to reveal who her character ends up with in the film, she can't remember.

"I don't remember! Who do I end up with?"

"I'm with my husband, aren't I?" She continued.

"Aren't I with Chiwetel Ejiofor?

"Yeah? I've only seen it once, and it was a really long time ago.

"Am I? I don't go off with Andrew Lincoln?

"I am with Chiwetel Ejiofor!"

And fans (like us) are very upset.

One took to Twitter and wrote: "Keira knightley has only ever seen love actually once?????? idk why but this lowkey breaks my heart [sic]."

Us too.

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