I'm Actually Buying These Items From Nordstrom's Cyber Monday Sale

I’m Actually Buying These Items From Nordstrom’s Cyber Monday Sale

The holiday season is officially on. Thanksgiving is over (the turkey was delicious), and now it’s time to get your festive retail therapy going. Are you one of those super brave souls that went shopping on Black Friday? I applaud your efforts. Me? I’m more of a sit back, relax, and click type of shopper. In my humble opinion, Cyber Monday should be considered a national holiday so we should be given the day off, enabling us to surf the web for the best deals on all the Fall/Winter items we obsessed over these past few months. But until it’s added to the official work calendar, save your PTO and use this curated sale must-have list. Nordstrom’s Cyber Monday sale has the best of the best at their sale, and my favorites are all here.

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