I’m a mum and have come up with a life-saving hack to make air con at home – it helps my kids sleep easier | The Sun

A SAVVY mum has gone viral for her clever way to make air con at home.

The best part is that she only uses two common household items to make the aircon, and it works a treat.

Charlotte Russell, the owner of a candle and wax melt company from Leeds, has recently gone viral with her simple tip to help combat the soaring summer temperature with the homemade air con.

As the UK faced record temperatures across the country this week, with highs of 40 degrees in some areas, Charlotte struggled to keep comfortable.

Despite trying multiple home remedies, nothing seemed to work – so she decided to brainstorm a few conventional methods.

Soon, she came up with the idea of putting a frozen bottle of water in front of a fan to help spread “cooler” air.

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“It created an effect akin to air conditioning,” Charlotte told NeedToKnow.Online.

“I discovered the hack after trying to keep my products and the children cool.

"I wondered if freezing water and blasting it across my products would help.

"Not only did this mean the wax melts set quickly, but it also left the rest of the room cool and fresh.

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"It's saved me during the intense heatwave we are experiencing this year, as I work in very hot conditions.

"It's also helped the kids to sleep easier when the temperature has been the most extreme we have seen in years."

In a bid to share her “genius” hack, the mum decided to upload a video on TikTok, demonstrating how to carry out the process – racking up 1.5 million views and 44,000 likes.

In the clip, she begins by taking an empty milk carton, before filling this up with water.

She places this into the freezer and advises people to keep this in overnight for the full effect.

Charlotte places the frozen bottle on a stand in front of an electric fan to create 'icy air'.

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Viewers loved the simple trick too, one said: "put the bottle behind the fan, that's where the fan sucks the air from."

A second quipped: "Brilliant! Thank you. Menopausal and Covid positive … couldn't have seen this at a better time."

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