How to make a door bow for Christmas 2018 – a step-by-step guide and where to buy the festive decorations

Here's how to make a bow for your door, and if you can't be bothered to do that… here's where you can buy them.

How to make a door bow for Christmas

Making your own door bow can be hard work as you need enough material to create a big striking centrepiece.

Using a normal material however won't work as it needs to be stiff enough to hold it's shape on the door rather than flop down.

Something like a stuff organza is the perfect choice for your festive creation.

Here are our instructions for the perfect door bow…

  • First up, you want to get the perfect bow. Create this separately so that you can attach the fully tied piece to the door
  • You want a strip of material about 2,5m long and 0.5m wide. First things first fold it in half along the long side. So it is now 3.5m long but only 0.25m wide
  • Start by tying a simple knot in the middle of the material, with the left side folded over the right
  • Next take the lower part of the ribbon and create a loop, and do the same with the top side so you have two equal sized loops
  • Tie the two loops together and spread out each side of the bow to make it look big and inviting
  • Next up you'll need two pieces of the same colour material, each long enough to wrap around your door – one vertically and one horizontally
  • Tie the shorter piece around your door horizontally – you'll need to keep the door open so that there will be space to slide the material between the door and the frame
  • Next do the same with the longer piece of material vertically with the knot meeting in the same place
  • Be careful not to cover the locks of your door with the material
  • Attach the ready made bow to the knot created on your door by stapling the underside of the bow to the material tied to your door
  • Fluff and arrange until you are happy with the overall look

Where to buy the festive decorations

If making your own is too much hassle then you can splash out on buying one instead.

There's a designated website Door Bows, who surprisingly sell exactly that.

Prices range from £35.99 for a classic red bow all the way up to £45 for a glitzy diamante version.

The bows come in a huge range of colours, including blue, pink, blue, purple and a festive green.

Alternatively why not check out the range available from Dress My Door.

Prices range from £15 to £65 for a fancy bow complete with hanging pompoms.

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