Homeowner uses LOO ROLL holder as a curtain tie to avoid putting holes in her walls and she’s labelled a ‘genius’

A WOMAN has revealed her incredible tip for keeping her curtains back without putting holes in the wall – and all you need is a loo roll holder.

She revealed she didn’t want to make any dents in her fresh wall, but desperately wanted to keep her curtains back. 

She found a solution in an unlikely place – the bathroom – after she decided to use a loo roll holder.

The crafty woman simply stashed the holder underneath her velvet curtains, and let them drape over the part where your toilet roll normally sits.

It creates an impressive effect, with the homeowner using a stylish silver holder for her living room. 

She shared her genius tip to Facebook group Zoflora Addicts, where it’s racked up hundreds of likes.

She said: “So I found a use for my toilet roll holders not a lover of putting holes in my walls.”

People are hailing her hack as “genius”, claiming they’re going to recreate the look in their own bedroom. 

One person said: “Fabulous idea.”

Another wrote: “That actually looks beautiful.”

A third raved: “That's such a great idea. Thank you.” 

Someone else commented: “Omg I need this in my bedroom.” 

Others called the trick “brilliant”, saying the finished product looked “very fancy”. 

And this mum was in stitches after asking her son to fix her curtains using Mrs Hinch’s loo roll hack.

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