Going to bed at exactly 9:45pm and getting up before 7am is the key to looking attractive, study finds

WE'VE all heard the term "beauty sleep" a million and one times before – but admit it, how many of us have ever actually believed that getting our 8 hours has any bearing on our appearance?

Well, according to a new a study our sleeping habits could be the key to making us MORE attractive – but bad news night owls, it involves going to bed before 10.

A new study by bed brand Sealy UK has revealed that beauty sleep really IS a thing – and that more than half of people agreed the quality of their sleep has a positive impact on their appearance.

Specifically, the overwhelming majority of those who have a good quality of undisturbed sleep noted that they had clearer skin, a better complexion and brighter eyes.

What's more, the study also found that those lucky people who get an average of 9 hours and 10 minutes of sleep a night noticed the biggest change in their looks.

And we're sad to say that it's the early-birds that have had the right idea all along -as going to bed at 9:45pm and waking up by 6:55am was found to be the optimum time for beauty-boosting rest.

And when we say "going to bed", what we actually mean is trying to sleep rather than scrolling through Instagram until you pass out… guilty as charged.

The survey also found that people rate looking well-rested as more important than fashion, exercise and even makeup and grooming.

Sealy UK's sleep expert Neil Robinson said: "“Many of us strive to look and feel good and spend a large amount of money trying to do so. However, we seem to forget that achieving a better night’s sleep can positively impact our overall appearance.

"With this in mind, it’s important to consider the quality of sleep you are getting and doing everything possible to create an environment which makes quality sleep more likely.

"This could include investing in a comfortable and supportive bed, creating a calm and quiet sleeping environment, or implementing a regular pre-sleep routine."

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