Frustrated wife wants to leave her 'fat' husband after he refuses to lose weight… and says their 'sex life is dying'

The anonymous woman – who wrote into New Zealand agony aunt Jennifer Souness – claims that her current partner is "the nicest guy I've ever been with" but that simply can't get past his gradual weight gain.

Having been married twice previously, the woman described her current husband as "kind, funny, a great dad and stepdad to our kid (and my daughter)".

What's more, "he has a good job, nice, friends, no addictions and he loves me. So many boxes ticked!"

But over the years they've been together, his weight "which was a minor problem when we met continues to increase".

She added: "It's not a mystery as to why he's packing it on – he subsidises the healthy meals I cook with a steady stream of junk food and beer."

Claiming that he refuses to lose weight, the frustrated wife wrote: "Our sex life is dying and yet he won't curb this behaviour. I'm not interested in having a sexless marriage.

"I simply cannot find a fat man attractive."

So much for love is blind…

Unsurprisingly, the sex and relationship agony aunt took issue with the woman's dilemma and replied: "'So many boxes ticked?' What are  you looking for, a butler?

"I wonder if your first two husbands met their demise by falling short on 'ticks'?"

As the husband already has "minor weight problem" when they met, Jennifer added: "Unhealthy behaviours, of any kind, are usually manifestations of some kind of underlying unhappiness."

Asking what the woman has been doing to get around their sex issues, the agony aunt wrote: "I would imagine your husband's finding it increasingly difficult to muster desire for a wife he knows doesn't find him attractive, so perhaps you could start by losing the negative attitude towards his body."

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