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SORE soles, aching arches, squished toes and blisters can only mean one thing – it’s party season.  And the biggest celebration of the year, which will have us dancing until the early hours, is just days away.

To make sure it’s not your shoes that cut your night short, Abby McHale tried on six different styles to see which is the most comfortable and stable.  She took to a cobbled street to re-enact that end-of-the-night walk from club to cab and timed how long it took in each.


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Abby says: “Kitten heels are the lowest of the lot. Even though these heels are skinny, they are still very comfortable and the slingback shape make them easy to walk in.

“Going over the cobbles wasn’t a problem. They might be a fun, festive red colour, but you do lose the height and shape that high heels give legs.”

Walking time: 15 seconds.


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Abby says: “These were sturdier than I thought – as I’ve never walked in a pair of shoes with a triangle-shaped heel before.

“Although perspex heels are in, they would definitely cut into my foot too much if I wore them for long periods of time. But they’re still better than a stiletto.”

Walking time: 22 seconds.


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Abby says: “Surprise, surprise, the stilettos took the longest to walk in. I didn’t think I could handle a pavement, let alone cobbles.

“I was sure I was going to fall over but just about kept myself vertical. They do, however, look great with this outfit – they’re a shoe for sitting and posing, rather than dancing.”

Walking time: 25 seconds.


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Abby says: “I thought I would break an ankle in this huge pair, and I did have a few wobbles on the cobbles. But they were actually easier to walk in than I imagined.

“The platform means the heel height can be higher while not causing more strain to your foot. But I had to walk more slowly just to make sure I avoided injury.”

Walking time: 24 seconds.


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Abby says: “Because these have a smaller block heel, they were easy to walk in.

“ However, my ankle kept slipping out of the back.

“This pair are still a lot easier to walk in than most of them though, and I like the fact that most of my foot is covered so they keep my toes really warm.”

Walking time: 17 seconds.


  • £14, Primark – buy now

Abby says: “Sturdier than the stilettos but the heel actually got caught between the cobbles and I lost a shoe. Not ideal.

“These are also really high, so I’m not sure I’d see the stroke of midnight in them.

Also, walking to the cab took longer than expected, which on a freezing night in December is not something I really want to be doing.”

Walking time: 23 seconds.

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