From doors disguised as tumble dryers to rooms hidden in bathroom tiles… these secret storage spaces will blow your mind

As kids, most of us dreamed of hidden bunkers and secret rooms but there are some people who have turned the dream into a reality.

Albeit while some of it is merely a storage saving solution, it still looks cool.

A video has been released on YouTube showing off the best space saving and secret storage hacks, and it's since gone viral being viewed more than three million times.

But it’s not all stacked boxes or neat folding – think mirrors which double up as doors and mantelpieces which are really safes.

Plus there’s an entire building which revolves to reveal a hidden room, with a red telephone box inside.

And no doubt inspiring hipsters all over the world, you can walk through a tumble dryer into a club.

There's also the seemingly ordinary looking bathroom wall, but on closer inspection it opens up to provide some very handy extra storage.

There's even a shelf with a hidden compartment, which would be perfect for hiding those valuables you don't want burglars to find.

And then, there's the spare bed within a bed – perfect when you've run out of sleeping space and have unexpected guests over.

So if you’ve wanted to create some more storage space or remodel a room, look no further for inspiration.

Plus you’ll be able to hide your alcohol stash from your kids.

Just remember where the secret door is to avoid any slapstick comedy moments.

Speaking of secrets, this is the key to a happy marriage – and it includes how many people you’ve slept with.

And you can now buy a pre-made SECRET SANTA box if you’re really stuck for ideas this Christmas.

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