Drunken partygoer gets heels stuck in a metal grate during night out – so brings the entire drain cover home

Tia-Rae, from London, had been on a night out with friends when she decided it was time to go home.

But as the 20-year-old made her way back, she managed to get not one, but both her stiletto boots stuck in a grate.

Rather than abandon her shoes, she dragged the entire drain cover – with her shoes sticking out – into her hallway.

Tia-Rae tweeted about her bizarre mishap, where her post has since gone viral, racking up 26k likes.

Sharing a snap of the shoes, she wrote: “Nah I dunno if I’m mad drunk or this is acc real but I’m crying.”

And she added: “I think it’s fair to say I should never drink again.”

Describing exactly how both her shoes ended up in the drain, she said: “So basically I jumped out of the cab to walk inside my house and then I felt like one of my feet were stuck but I didn’t know what on, so I stood straight like the twat I am next thing you know both feet are stuck.

“So I move one foot then the whole thing just comes off, but I couldn’t leave my shoes outside and I really was in stitches so I couldn’t even find the strength to deal with it at this time so I had to just bring it inside for my mum to deal with.”

People have been commenting on Tia-Rae’s post, with one person saying: “Ahahhahahah don’t funniest thing going.”

Another person said: “Hahaaa no way am I leaving good heels behind.”

While this person added: “I have PTSD thinking about all of the gorgeous heels I ruined when I was drunk.”

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