Daughter brags about how youthful her 43-year-old mum is and jokes she ‘can still steal any man from me’ – The Sun

A RUSSIAN teen has started a viral Twitter thread after bragging about her 43-year-old mum’s youthful looks.

User @shipilkins shared two smouldering selfies of her mum on Twitter last week, captioning the post: “My mom is 43, and she can still steal any man from me.”

The tweet quickly went viral, receiving over 25,000 likes as users were left astounded by her age-defying looks, BoredPanda reports.

Commenting on the tweet one wrote: “I just wonder HOW.”

Agreeing a second adding: “Now I know what I want to look like when I am 43.”

While another cheeky tweeter wrote: “Can I be your stepfather?”

Meanwhile, others were inspired by her post, sharing their own snaps of their youthful parents online.

One proud son posted a picture of his 48-year-old teacher mum, claiming that she “sucks youth from her students.”

Another envious daughter posted a photo of her 43-year-old mum lounging by a pool in a swimsuit, captioning the snap, “my mum is 43 and I think I was adopted.”

Posting a photo of her blonde bombshell mum a third wrote: “My mum’s turning 41, but everyone thinks she’s 34.

“I’m getting more and more sure that I was adopted.”

And another admitted: “My ex used to say that if my mum got divorced, he’d like to get her phone number.”

These are not the first mums to cause a stir with their youthful appearances.

Last month we told you about a lad who shared a jaw-dropping snap of his youthful mum who often gets mistaken for his girlfriend. 

And an age-defying mum, 47, claims drinking nothing but water for three weeks is the secret to her youthful looks. 

Plus this mum, 64, says she and her daughter, 34, are mistaken for sisters – but insists she;s had no cosmetic surgery.

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