Chef reveals why you should NEVER add bacon to carbonara… and the other mistakes we all make when cooking pasta

Pasta's a classic comfort food, but it's pretty to elevate your dinner to a restaurant quality dish, according to Aussie chef Dario Manca.

He's revealed the common mistake home cooks are making with spaghetti carbonara – and it may surprise you.

"A huge misconception is that carbonara is used with bacon, when in fact the traditional recipe uses an Italian cured meat called guanciale."

Other celeb chefs, like Jamie Oliver and Nigella Lawson, recommend using pancetta in place of guanciale, which is much easier to get your hands on here in Britain.

Another common issue us home cooks have is leaving our pasta on the boil for too long, as it should be eaten al dente – i.e. still slightly firm.

In fact, Mario says we should give the pasta two minutes LESS than the recommended cooking time before straining it.

"The secret really is not over-cooking pasta," Dario said. "This may sound unconventional, but take out your pasta from the water before it's completely cooked.

"Take it out about two minutes before the recommended cooking time and the pasta will complete the cooking process while it is infused with the amazing flavours in your pasta sauce."

Do you drizzle your sauce over your spaghetti? That's another common mistake, he adds.

You should actually be stirring your pasta into the sauce, to really "let it soak up the flavour" during the last couple of minutes of cooking.

Finally, make sure you add salt to the water you cook your pasta in and don't forget to taste and season your dish as you go, like all chefs do.

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