Cheese grater nails that actually work now exist… but they’re pretty gross

The site shows you how to get cheese grater nails, which can literally shred cheese, carrots and other vegetables…

The account showed off the design in all its glory, demonstrating how it works and how it was made on their Instagram account.

Firstly, thin sections from a cheese grater are cut out, and shaped to fit each fingertip.

The small strip is then glued onto the nail, and in some cases an acrylic base is applied to secure the kitchen utensil.

The nail is then painted with a silver nail polish shade to blend in with the metal extension.

Once dry the wearer can grate to their heart's content.

The look has attracted a lot of attention, and has been hailed as a 'cheese lover's dream'.

One social media user commented: "Every cheese lovers dream nails", while a second wrote: "Y’all too much but I love the creativity."

Some believe the creation is genius and will save people from slicing their finger when grating. One commented: "So you don’t lose a finger."

However, others are not so impressed and think it could be dangerous. One shared: "Imagine trying to run your fingers through your hair."

This is not the first time Nail Sunny has attracted attention for their nail art as earlier this year they created a ridiculous manicure made of dead bugs, and hairy fingertips.

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