Casio G-Shock Unveils Metal-Covered GM-110 Collection

Casio continues its metal updates with a new GM-110 series of watches. Rifting off the success of past metal versions of the DW line and the limited MR-G Samurai, the new line takes the GA-110 signature G-Shock and adds a full-metal shroud.

Each metal GM-100 bezel goes through 20 forging processes combined with cutting and polishing and is then matched with a fiberglass resin case for increased strength. When joined together, the GM-110 is resistant to cracking and bending and still maintains its shock protection. Dropping as part of the launch is a silver model, a gold version, a DLC version, and an ion-plated rainbow version. The silver and gold version will be priced at $1,880 HKD ($240 USD) while the DLC and rainbow versions will sell for $2,080 HKD ($270 USD). Head over to G-Shock Asia for more info.

In other watch news, the Accutron returns after half a century in two new iterations.
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