Bonkers TikTok trend sees people flossing their teeth with HAIR as dentists warn it can cause ‘irreversible damage’

DENTISTS have warned people they could end up with ‘irreversible damage’ after a bonkers trend emerged on TikTok showing people flossing their teeth with their hair. 

While flossing is an essential part of oral hygiene and should be regularly practiced, you could end up doing more harm than good if you don’t use the right tools. 

Videos have surfaced on social media showing people using their locks to get bits of food out their teeth, with disastrous results. 

Sharing a snap of herself on a night out, one woman wrote: “When you’re at the club and don’t have floss so you just use your hair.” 

In the clip the woman makes her gum bleed, but continues to keep flossing on the other side to get 'chicken Kiev' out her teeth.

While another TikTok user said: “This hair trick is amazing – u can’t tell me otherwise.” 

And it seems they’re not the only ones taking up the barmy trend, as one woman commented: “I honest thought I was the only one who did this.” 

Someone else wrote: “Girl I do this something when I’m lazy bad habit lamooo.” 

While a third commented: “Honestly I’m keeping this trick.” 

But dentists have warned it could damage your teeth, with dental expert and founder of RW Perio, Reena Wadia, saying you could end up causing ‘trauma’ to your mouth. 

She said: “Cleaning between your teeth is essential for everyone. 

“Without this, you may be missing cleaning up to half of your mouth. However it's so important to use the correct tools to clean between the teeth. 

“Not using the right tools may cause trauma and lead to irreversible damage; things like hair, string, a fork, paper. 

The best tools to use are interdental brushes. These have been specifically designed to clean the plaque and bacteria in between the teeth. 

“Floss is great too but I would only use floss if the interdental brushes don’t fit."

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