Bargain hunter shares how to create DIY ‘Big Mac’ for only £1.49 at McDonald’s

Only got a couple of quid in your pocket and a McDonald’s Savers Menu double cheeseburger not quite going to cut it?

Don’t worry, one savvy McDonald’s fan has shared a hack on deals-sharing site that gets you a DIY ‘Big Mac’ for £1.49, using the fast food chain’s self-service screens.

The deal, which offers a saving of £1.70 compared to the £3.19 cost of a classic Big Mac, is very simple to create.

Diners need to first order a £1.49 Double Cheeseburger on the self-service screens found inside restaurants.

Then select the free – yes free – customisation service and add shredded lettuce, onions, pickles, mustard and mayonnaise.

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The user called CoolCarCuffs does make the disclaimer that "while it won’t taste or look exactly like the iconic Big Mac, it’s a pretty neat trick for 149 pennies. Less than a limp supermarket sarnie".

And we have to agree.

The informative poster added a way to get an additional cheap perk too. "You can then use the receipt to get yourself a real Big Mac and fries for only £1.99 by completing the "mcfoodforthough" survey".

If you’re ordering at the counter you can also ask for the famous Big Mac sauce or if you’re feeling adventurous a dash of the Big tasty sauce instead.

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