Are you smarter than a snowflake? Try our fun quiz and find out if you know your skinny lattes from your herbal teas

Maybe they do – or perhaps not. New book Are You Smarter Than A Millennial? (Palazzo, £7.99), with questions from modern-day exams, pits the generations against each other.

GRAEME CULLIFORD has a fun quiz, inspired by the book, to test YOU.

    1. There are 32 pupils in a class; 23 are girls, and seven refuse to identify as either male or female. How many more girls are there than boys?
    2. Jasmine works for a vegan restaurant specialising in organic nut roast. She gets the National Living Wage of £7.83 an hour. On Saturday she spent two hours working, three hours posting Instagram stories, two hours writing angry emails about her working conditions and half an hour meditating to cope with the stress. How much did she earn?
    3. Quentin spends £6 a month on his Netflix subscription but refuses to pay for a TV licence, claiming he does not own a TV. How much does he spend on watching television each year
    4. What is meant by the phrase “the man she was destined to become?” A) She really wants to be a man. B) She is meant to be a man.
    5. A shop orders 14 boxes, each containing 25 CDs. What is a CD? And how many of them does the shop have to throw out once they realise no one buys CDs any more?
    6. Jessica’s supermarket delivery arrives containing four chicken breasts, two lamb chops, two packs of sausages, one pack of bacon, a tub of butter, three pints of milk, a carrot, a jar of honey, 200g of brie, a moussaka, two Margherita pizzas and a chocolate cake. What can vegan Jessica eat for dinner?
    7. Francesca, Nicola, Maria and Carlos all play netball. Anthony and Maria have joined a running club. Carlos thinks egg-and-spoon races should be banned for encouraging aggression. Nicola injured her wrist opening a door at work. Who plays the fewest sports?
    8. Andrew, Josephine and Nicholas need £3 each to buy an extra- skinny soya latte. Nicholas has £1. Andrew and Josephine both have more money than Nicholas. Which one of the following must be true? A) Andrew, Josephine and Nicholas all get extra-skinny soya lattes. B) Andrew has more money than Josephine. C) Andrew and Josephine do not get the drinks they want. D) Nicholas is destined to spend ten minutes sobbing into his non-organic, filtered coffee.
    9. Given that Rita’s adopted son Gary is in a civil partnership with Paul, who is now known as Sheila and has baby twins with Grace, who changed her name to Steve, what is Rita’s relationship with the twins?
    10. Methane and ethene are hydrocarbons. Both occur naturally. Ethene is given off by fruits – particularly bananas – as they ripen. Methane is given off by landfill and cows. How many bananas can you safely carry home from the super-market without harming the environment?
    11. Bruce, Fiona and Terence catch buses to travel to the same destination. Bruce catches the 11am bus. Fiona’s bus takes twice as long as Bruce’s. Terence felt a bit cold waiting at the bus stop so ordered an Uber taxi. Who arrives at the destination first?
    12. Lily lives in a five-bedroom house in a posh neighbourhood with two living rooms, one kitchen and three bathrooms and has promised to welcome in any immigrant who needs a home. One day, five Syrian refugees arrive seeking sanctuary. Which room should Lily listen to music in until they stop ringing the doorbell?



Nine and above: You are smarter than a millennial.

Five to eight: Better luck next time.

Fewer than four: You don’t know a herbal tea from your ethically sourced underpants.


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