Are you dating a sociopath? These are the signs to look out for – from being charming to struggling to hold down a job

But, on the flip side, they can be incredibly charming, charismatic and excellent liars.

Research has shown as many as one in 25 people have the traits of a sociopath, so are you dating one?

Speaking to Femail, Aussie psychologist Dr Marny Lishman has revealed the signs to look out for.

She warns sociopaths often have a form of Anti-social Personality Disorder (ASPD) and can harm others without even realising it, often with no remorse.

Dr Lishman added: "If they don't get what they want, and their ego isn't being fed, they can inflict a considerable amount of damage."

This could include cheating, physical or emotional abuse, or financial damage to their partner.

1. Charm offensive

Is your partner overly generous with his compliments?

It may seem flattering, but sociopaths are very good at turning on the charm to get people to like them.

Dr Lishman said: "They do appear functional and are often charming and successful, but deep down they are unconsciously driven by shame and guilt."

2. Workshy worries

A sociopathic personality can cause a whole range of problems in the workplace, meaning someone may struggle to hold down a job.

They may also be guilty of blaming others when things don't go right, breaking rules, not coming across as a team player and generally pushing the boundaries.

If your partner's been fired or quit several jobs, seemingly out of nowhere, it maybe reason to be concerned.

3. Liar, liar

Manipulation and control are two of the defining characteristics of a sociopath – but of course it's hard to realise this is happening to you.

It may be easier to spot a habit of lying, whether these are outrageous howlers or daily little white lies.

Signs someone has antisocial personality disorder

According to NHS advice, someone with an antisocial personality disorder may:

  • Exploit, manipulate or violate the rights of others
  • Lack concern, regret or remorse for other people's feeelings
  • Behave irresponsibly and disregard social norms
  • Have trouble sustaining long-term relationships
  • Struggle to control their anger
  • Lack guilt and fail to learn from their mistakes
  • Blame others for problems in their lives
  • Repeatedly break the law
  • Signs in young people include skipping school, committing crimes, substance abuse and aggressive behaviour.

4. Battle of the sexes

Sociopaths tend to share the above traits, but men and women express themselves differently in other ways.

Female sociopaths tend to express more emotions and can come across as nurturing, attentive and flirty, but are generally more manipulative.

While males tend to be more physically aggressive, overtly manipulative and cold or unemotional.

Ultimately, sociopaths have a mental health disorder and need help too.

If you recognise these traits in yourself or a loved one, you can visit your GP or call Mind on 0300 123 3393.

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