All of Selena Gomez's Bags — and Exactly Where She Got 'Em

All of Selena Gomez’s Bags — and Exactly Where She Got ‘Em

If there’s one thing to take note of when you’re analyzing Selena Gomez’s street style, it’s her ability to accessorize with practicality in mind. The singer wears mostly flat, functional shoes or sturdy boots, a pair of sunglasses, and one really great bag. Of course, having strong ties to Coach and Louis Vuitton, many of Selena’s satchels come from these designer brands. But you can score some of them for a reasonable price if you love the totes Selena’s been carrying. Ahead, we tracked down Selena’s most tried-and-trusted bags, most of which are still available right now — especially through vintage sites, which we highly suggest you check out.

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