3 Chic Ways I Style My Affordable Plaid Suit — So You'd Never Know It's Just $87

3 Chic Ways I Style My Affordable Plaid Suit — So You’d Never Know It’s Just $87

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not the biggest fan of wearing suits. Most trousers end up digging into my stomach, and I just end up feeling constricted like I can’t move around at all. (Not that I’ll ever need to break into dance or do somersaults or anything, but hey, I’d like to if the opportunity arises.)

I own a couple of really great blazers, but they aren’t necessarily my first choice when it comes to picking out an outfit. When I initially saw the POPSUGAR at Kohl’s plaid suit, I thought it was cute with the sporty blue side stripes, but it was the trouser’s drawstrings that really caught my attention and made me take the plunge.

Since nine times out of 10, you can usually find me in a hoodie and sneakers, I decided to push myself to wear a suit three different ways: for work, the weekend, and date night. Read on to see how I styled it. (Spoiler alert: the trousers were super comfortable, so I can dance if I want to.)

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