21 Tech Gift Ideas for the Chicest Person on Your List

Like it or not, the holiday shopping season is here. Instead of relying on customary go-to gifts this season—candles, wine, winter hats, and so on—gift your friends and family something unique and unexpected. And tech gifts are not just for those who live in Silicon Valley. In fact, there are many chic gadgets for her that we're lusting over this holiday season. At the top of our list are a new waterproof Kindle and a mini-drone that takes selfies (because, why not!). For audiophiles, there're new wireless earphones from Master & Dynamic; for oenophiles, a patented wine bottle opener that saves every last drop; and for the skincare obsessed, a face roller that will relegate that jade wheel to the back of the medicine cabinet. Our favorite fitness gifts also have a tech slant this year, which will help getting in shape in 2019 look easy. Then there are the big ticket items, like Samsung's Frame TV, which looks like a piece of art until you turn it on, and a mirrorless camera from Nikon. Need easy little gifts for acquaintances, co-workers, or a White Elephant party? Look no further than a Google Chromecast, or a set of the world's smallest speakers. But not all tech is created equal; here, we've curated a comprehensive guide to the best tech gift ideas for her of 2018. They just happen to look good, too.

AirSelfie 2

Name one jet-setter who doesn't want to up their Instagram game…we'll wait. This season, gift the AirSelfie, a pocket-sized flying camera that connects to your smartphone and snaps HD photos and videos of you and your friends from the sky. Rest in peace, selfie stick.

Buy now: AirSelfie 2, $199, amazon.com.

Google Chromecast

Roku, who? Google Chromecast is the new way to stream live TV, discover new YouTube videos, and watch movies, listen to music, and more. Plug into your TV's HDMI port and choose from thousands of apps featuring your favorite programs. For an even more seamless experience, pair with Google Home for easy navigation. This is a great tech gift idea for those who despise clunky hardware and wires, as Google Chromecast clocks in at only 2" in diameter.

Buy now: Google Chromecast, $35, nordstrom.com.

Kindle Paperwhite

This new-edition Kindle is for your friend who always drops her phone in the pool or smears the ink in the paperback she's reading on the beach. We are not quite sure what took so long, but this is the first Kindle that is officially waterproof—and it is thinner, lighter, and offers twice the storage. A perfect tech gift idea for the jet-setter, or your friend who prefers to stay in and read in the bath.

Buy now: Kindle Paperwhite, $150, amazon.com.

PRED Technologies Speaker

This speaker is officially the smallest in the world. Clocking in at just 1" tall, it is the perfect speaker set for any impromptu gatherings. (Pair them with any smartphone via bluetooth.) Added bonus: the speaker can also control your smartphone camera for remote-control selfies.

Buy now: PRED Technologies speakers, (set of two), $30, ahalife.com.

Snapchat Spectacles

For the person on your list who is social-media obsessed, Snapchat Spectacles is the gift that will keep on giving. The recipient can easily document their daily life with the glasses, and upload directly to Snap. The style is rather flattering for most faces, as well.

Snapchat Spectacles, $200, nordstrom.com.

Esteam Steamer

Think a steamer doesn't make a good holiday gift? When the giftee realizes how much faster this Esteam tackles even the wrinkliest of dresses over the commercial steamers found in most stores, she will thank you. This handheld steamer is the portable steamer of choice among fashion stylists, and is a great tech gift idea for the fashion-obsessed in your life.

Buy now: Esteam steamer, $72, amazon.com.

Master & Dynamic Earphones

There seems to be a never-ending debate about who makes the best wireless earbuds. But don't worry, we've determined which pair are of the highest-quality and manage to look good, too. This handcrafted pair from Master & Dynamic in tortoise acetate does just the job, and are decidedly not embarrassing to wear in public (looking at you, Apple Airpods).

Buy now: Master & Dynamic earphones, $299, nordstrom.com.

Coravin Wine Preserver

Never miss a single drop of wine again. Coravin's patented wine preservation system allows wine lovers to pour a glass of wine without popping open the cork, which preserves the bottle's taste and longevity. The cult-favorite gadget is a great tech gift idea for oenophiles everywhere.

Buy now: Coravin wine preserver, $299, amazon.com.

Louis Vuitton Echo

Bad luck can happen to good people. A smart tech gift idea for your friend who is always losing his luggage, the Louis Vuitton Echo will make sure that never occurs again. Slip this into checked luggage, and receive a notification the moment you land if your luggage has not made it to your destination with you.

Buy now: Louis Vuitton Echo, $370, louisvuitton.com.

Hidrate Smart Water Bottle

How many of your friends have added "drink more water" to their New Year's Resolutions list? Make it easier for them with the Hidrate smart water bottle. A sensor in the bottle notifies the Hidrate app on your smartphone or fitness tracker, alerting the user to drink more water in order to reach their hydration goals. This is a great fitness gift idea for anyone interested in wellness.

Buy now: Hidrate water bottle, $45, urbanoutfitters.com.

Cuisinart Pour Over Coffee Brewer Thermal Carafe

For anyone who struggles to get up in the morning and who loves coffee (that's the majority of us, right?), here's one for you. Decked with both temperature and flavor strength controls, this Cuisinart coffee maker practically brews a custom pot each time. You can also set the timer feature to automatically begin brewing your first cup even before you get out of bed.

Buy now: Cuisinart Pour Over Coffee Brewer Thermal Carafe, $158, amazon.com.

Michael Kors Smartwatch

First spotted on the runway, Michael Kors is now releasing their brand new smartwatch just in time for the holiday season. The chic winter white ceramic watch is just the fashion update for women who want a smartwatch but prefer a more polished look.

Buy now: Michael Kors ceramic runway smartwatch, $450, [https://www.michaelkors.com/runway-silver-tone-and-ceramic-smartwatch/_/R-US_MKT5050{:target=_blank}{: rel=nofollow}).

Lioness Vibrator

The best tech gifts come in all shapes and sizes. The Lioness vibrator may just be the first of its kind: a smart vibrator that tracks the user's orgasms, including the time of day, temperature, and pelvic floor movements. Using what she's learned from the handy app that syncs with the vibrator, she can then experiment further to have better orgasms.

Buy now: Lioness vibrator, $229, goop.com.

Tangram Factory Smart Jump Rope

This is a great fitness gift idea for the busy friend who likes to work out on the go. This LED-embedded jump rope displays a hologram featuring your jump count as you swing the rope mid-air. It takes only two hours to charge for about a month's worth of use, and it is super light and easy to pack.

Buy now: Tangram Factory Smart Jump Rope, $80, ahalife.com.

Refa Carat Face Roller

For any friend who swears by her jade roller, gift her the Refa Carat Face Roller. Featuring a solar panel that creates a massaging microcurrent, and two "Double Drainage" rollers that are designed to mimic the movements of an aesthetician's fingers during a facial massage, this face roller is a great gift idea for women of all ages.

Buy now: Refa Carat Face Roller, $220, neimanmarcus.com.

Nikon Mirrorless Camera

Essential for today's cutting-edge content creators, Nikon's new mirrorless camera is compact and lightweight. The camera features built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi so you can easily upload to your social media outlet of choice. Its video features are perfect for those who wish to up their YouTube game as well as beginner Vloggers alike; the camera has 4K UHD video and a built-in stabilizer so no tripod is needed. For night owls, the camera has a BSI CMOS sensor and can capture low light environments very well. What's not to love?

Buy now: Nikon Z6, $1,997, adorama.com.

Supersmile Zina45™ Sonic Pulse Toothbrush

This patented toothbrush checks off all the boxes: great for those with sensitive gums, it polishes while it cleans, and there is a two minute timer to ensure you brush for the proper amount of time. In silver tone metal, the ergonomically designed toothbrush will be an aesthetically pleasing addition to any bathroom.

Buy now: Supersmile Sonic Pulse toothbrush, $250, neimanmarcus.com.

Philips Alarm Clock

This is a great gift idea for those who get a bad case of the winter doldrums. The alarm clock from Philips features a colored sunrise and sunset simulations, and also comes with a subscription to the meditation and mindfulness app Headspace. This is the only alarm clock clinically proven to help you wake up feeling energized.

Buy now: Philips alarm clock, $105, amazon.com.

Native Union Charger

Leave it to Native Union to always have the chicest tech supplies. Charge up to three devices at once, without the headache of jumbled cords. Also features one convertible USB-C port.

Buy now: Native Union charger, $70, amazon.com.

SONOS Beam Smart TV Soundbar

Sonos is still the best home audio system, and rightly so. Now, Sonos is tackling TV audio, and with the Beam Smart TV Soundbar you can watch TV or movies, listen to podcasts or stream music, and play video games, all with a more elevated sound experience.

Buy now: Sonos Beam Smart TV Soundbar, $399, nordstrom.com.

Samsung Frame Smart TV

Perhaps the ultimate tech gift to give this holiday season, the Frame Smart TV from Samsung is one of the most exciting TVs for sale now, specifically because it does not look like a TV at all. That's right: program the TV to display your favorite artwork or family photos when you're not watching. When you decide to tune into your favorite show, the white border and artwork fades.

Buy now: Samsung Frame Smart TV, $1,798, amazon.com.

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