We Dare You Not to Dance While Listening to Work It's Hella-Fun Soundtrack

We Dare You Not to Dance While Listening to Work It’s Hella-Fun Soundtrack

There’s no question that when it comes to dance films like Netflix’s latest release Work It, the most important factor is the soundtrack. Who needs a shiny, unique plot when you have a stellar collection of jams to keep you dancing in your seat? And while we can’t promise you’ll be moving like the film’s stars — pretty sure the way Keiynan Lonsdale moves is impossible for mere plebeian bodies — you’ll definitely be working it! (Did you see what I did there?)

Catering to the invigorating vibe of the dance-competition world, the soundtrack is full of high-energy jams like Big Freedia’s “Rent” and “When I Get Going” by Kallico. By the time you’re done scrolling through the list ahead, you’ll be eager to create a dance squad of your own. Check out the full soundtrack to Work It, and get busy dancing!

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