The Spice House Taps Barbecue Pitmaster Rodney Scott for Line of Signature Blends

Known for being a purveyor of the finest spices, herbs, blends, and extracts, The Spice House has now tapped famed barbecue pitmaster Rodney Scott for a line of signature blends. The collaboration captures the signature style of Scott who was named Best Chef: Southeast by the James Beard Foundation and known the world over at his renowned Rodney Scott’s Whole Hog BBQ restaurant in Charleston, South Carolina.

Delivering exciting new tastes for home barbecues, Rodney Scott’s blends serve as a culinary synergy expressed in four different rubs. Offerings include the “Smoky Sweet Chile” hickory rub, “Green Chile Lime” citrus rub, “Carolina Fire” chile rub, and “Garlic Butter Pepper” herb rub.

“Barbecue is all about bringing people together, having fun, and making memories through food, so this collaboration with The Spice House is one I am extremely excited about. These new signature rubs are Pitmaster approved blends of some of my favorite herbs and spices that go great on everything from poultry to veggies. I can’t wait to see them kicking up barbecues across the country,” said Chef Rodney Scott.

“Chef Rodney is truly a legend behind the barbecue, and we are so honored to partner with him. Our loyal customers are always looking for products they can’t find anywhere else. It was a no-brainer to collaborate and elevate their traditional barbecue, bringing his creativity and expertise to tables across the country,” said Alex Wilkens, Spice House VP of Product.

The Spice House x Rodney Scott signature blends are available individually or in a four-pack set now via The Spice House.

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