So You Want to Be on Love Is Blind, Eh? Here's How the Casting Process Works

If you haven’t already fallen in love with Netflix’s latest reality dating show, Love Is Blind, then it’s time for you to catch up. The series, which is hosted by Nick and Vanessa Lachey, follows 30 contestants as they get to know one another while spending 10 days in their own personal “pods” — without ever coming face to face until they’re ready to propose. It’s as bizarre and addicting as it sounds, and we won’t know until the Feb. 27 finale which (if any) Love Is Blind couples stayed together after filming. For those wondering how they can get cast on the series themselves, we have some bad news: the audition process is pretty secretive.

During an interview with Entertainment Weekly, series creator Chris Coelen explained that the casting department selected participants based on who was genuinely looking for a long-term relationship. “We have a great casting department, and they reached out to people who they felt would be genuinely interested in this kind of commitment,” he said. “I think that’s really key; we want people who aren’t just doing it for the attention.” He added that sincere interest is all they are looking for in potential cast members, as well as people who fell within a certain age range. And unlike shows like The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, participants don’t have to worry about falling for someone who lives hundreds of miles away, as the entire cast is selected from the same city.

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