SNL jabs Democrats’ confidence heading into midterms in spoof political ad

Saturday Night Live took aim at the Democrats’ anxious lead in the midterm polls during this week’s show in a mock campaign ad.

The first shot centres on a seemingly well-put together mother of two raking leaves in her front yard, played by Heidi Gardner, who assures viewers that on Tues. Nov. 6, “Democrats are bringing much needed change to America.”

However, her assurances that she’s “never felt more confident” seem to fall flat as she offers an unconvincing thumbs-up.

In the next clip, a suited man played by Beck Bennett tells viewers that “Democrats are taking back the House. It’s a win we need and it’s a win we’re going to get,” as he shakily drinks his coffee, spilling it in the process.

Most midterm election pollsters predict the Democrats taking back the House and the Republicans hanging onto the Senate.

The mustered confidence of the cast is eerily reminiscent of the the last time Democrats were fairly sure they had a win in the bag — the 2016 U.S. presidential election, when Donald Trump won the White House.

With each smiling voter seeming more anxious about Nov. 6 than the next, it’s unsurprising that the perky quips eventually change their tune.

“It’s been a minute, but we’re going to win. Nancy Pelosi just said so on Colbert,” a doctor played by Jonah Hill says while grabbing an oxygen mask.

“White women promise to do the right thing this time. They’re not going to let us down. Right?” Leslie Jones asks while the cat she’s clutching rolls its eyes.

“This one’s in the bag,” a florist played by Kate McKinnon says while pouring Kentucky Bourbon into a flower vase — and then drinking it.

The leaf-raking mother of two returns to the shot, and begins to say that voting for Democratic candidates won’t automatically solve problems, but is interrupted by the children playing behind her.

“And once we win? Will everything suddenly get better? No, there’s still a long, hard road ahe — kids! Go inside!” she screams. “Mommy told you, go inside ’till Tuesday!”

“Till Tuesday?” they ask, confused.

Yes, till Tuesday, kids.


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