Sideswipe: November 30: Black Friday hamburger bun deal…

Pricey baps

Could it be the ingredients that made these buns so expensive?

Definition ofshower

“A Shower is where you get completely into the shower and also wash your hair. A man shower is where you get your hair wet but don’t wash it. And a shower (lower case, no stated gender) is where you just stand at the sink, splashing yourself…If you spray deodorant on and call that a shower, that’s a Sure-er (you have to say it, not spell it). If you spray deodorant on and spray dry shampoo into your hair, you’ve had a Febreze. If you can’t be bothered to shower and instead get into the sea because you are near it, you’ve had a Sea Febreze. A bath, by the way, is not an alternative to a shower: it is a hot lie-down.” (Zoe Williams in The Guardian)

In ceramics as in life

Nose for a weird job

The FDA employs people to smell fish in order to determine if it’s decomposed. They refer to this as “organoleptic analysis”.

“There are four categories with fish. The first is fresh. That’s the way fish are right after they are caught. Then there is number one. That’s the commercial grade. Most seafood should be number one. It may not smell fresh, but it’s not decomposed. The next is number two. That means slight decomposition. Whether the fish is all right depends on the product. The criteria are based on percentages. And last is number three, the really bad ones. Definitely decomposed. Number three is so putrid and stinky you wouldn’t want to eat it.”

Nasa’s White Sands test facility near Las Cruces employs a chemical specialist, who is better known as their “chief sniffer”. Their job is to sniff out any potentially annoying or nauseating odours lingering on items that will be confined with astronauts on missions in confined spaces for potentially months at a time.

Modern living

“Another day of staring at the big screen while scrolling through my little screen so as to reward myself for staring at the medium screen all week,” tweets Delia Cai @delia_cai.

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