‘Saturday Night Live”s Laura Ingraham covers the migrant caravan in cold open

Saturday Night Live returned Saturday with a cold opening featuring Fox News’ Laura Ingraham, played by Kate McKinnon, in The Ingraham Angle.

Ingraham went through the current U.S. news, focusing mostly on the migrant caravan headed through Mexico currently and to the U.S.

Ingraham brought on guest Judge Jeanine, who claimed to see the caravan with her own eyes, as the footage cut to looters at an American department store.

Jeanine also claimed that the caravan was comprised of “everyone you’ve ever seen in your nightmares,” including ISIS, the Menendez brothers, Thanos and several Papa Duke’s.

She also said that “Arabs” are part of the caravan, making their way from the Middle East on elephants.

“It makes almost too much sense,” she claimed.

Ingraham then showed footage of those in the caravan crossing into Mexico with film footage that featured Brad Pitt, saying that Brad Pitt is actually dating the caravan, which people are now calling “Bradavan.”

After a brief break from the show’s sponsors, which included White Castle (“a castle for whites, yes please”), Ingraham then interviewed Sheriff David Clarke.

Clarke said that those in the caravan are walking 300 miles a day, and should be in the U.S. “in time for election day.”

He also shared aerial footage of the caravan, which was of crabs on a beach.

“Those are humans?” Ingraham asked. “Basically, yeah,” Clarke responded.

Clarke also said that the women in the caravan are over nine months pregnant, and will “literally drop anchor” once in the U.S., with babies who are also pregnant.

The segment ended with tips for voting for blacks and Hispanics, advising to “never vote on Tuesdays.” The U.S. midterm elections are on Tuesday, November 6.

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