Mum tricks daughter, 6, on New Year’s Eve so she can party with friends instead

A mum has admitted she feels regret after tricking her six year old daughter on New Year's Eve so she could get drunk with her pals instead.

The anonymous parent says her little girl had been so excited to stay up for New Year and watch the Time Squares ball drop in New York on TV to bring in 2020.

Her daughter had a party hat and noise maker to blow when the big moment came, and her mum revealed she had been looking forward to the countdown 'all day and night'.

The 25 year old mum said: "I did not want her to stay up because I wanted to party and get wasted with my friends and I did not really want her to see me and my friends getting s*** faced.

"I showed her a YouTube video of the ball dropping from 2018 and everyone at my party pretended it was 2020 and screamed happy new year and blew our noise makers and she was so excited.

"This was about 4 hours before the real New Years in our country.

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"After that, I tucked her into bed and she went to sleep with a smile on her face.

"I kind of feel like s*** now because I tricked her."

After asking for advice on Reddit as to whether she had been in the wrong, opinion was divided.

One replied to say: "I was ready to say not the a**hole, but then you say you sent her to bed so you could get drunk with your friends.

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"That's kind of messed up that you would rather do that than stay up with your daughter."

Another agreed, writing: "You're the a**hole for getting wasted while you’re responsible for a little kid."

Others defended her, saying: "Even parents need to party, no child was harmed here."

A second wrote: "That is actually so sweet! You didn't just 'trick' her. You created a moment and experience she could participate in so she felt included and special, while still ensuring, as a parent, she got adequate sleep.

"I was always just sent off to bed or told I wasn't old enough. Might steal this idea for my kids when they're 6.

"Not all tricks are bad; Santa claus, surprise parties, gender reveal parties, Halloween , masquerades."

Was the mum wrong to fake the New Year countdown?


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