Korean boyband BTS get two-month holiday after gruelling year of concerts

Nobody wants a super-successful band to be derailed by burnout.

This explains why the management of South Korean boyband BTS are sensibly giving the seven members a two-month break after a gruelling schedule over the past year.

The group rolled out the Love Yourself concerts from August last year to April this year, before embarking on the Love Yourself: Speak Yourself tour from May to July.

The Koreaboo portal noted that BTS actually spent more time abroad than at home.

But the timeout will not be a total bliss, with industry pundits expecting the members to devote some of their rest time to fulfil commercial commitments.

They are also expected to direct some energy to craft their next album, which should excite fans even if they feel that the band members should not be overworked.

But the toil so far has been worth it, with BTS recently debuting at No. 43 on the Forbes Celebrity 100 list of top earners, taking home US$57 million (S$78 million) in pre-tax income over the past year.

BTS hit the road again on Oct 11 when they are slated to perform in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

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